Estes Park Memorial Observatory

EPMO will participate in the Stanford University Space Weather Monitoring.  Earth’s ionosphere reacts strongly to the intense x-ray and ultraviolet radiation released by the Sun during a solar event. A low frequency radio receiver to monitor the signal strength from distant VLF transmitters will be used to record changes in the radio waves as they bounce off the ionosphere directly monitoring and tracking these Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances (SIDs).

Estes Park Public Schools

Lyons Home School Group

Using the optical and radio telescopes of the Skynet Junior Scholars program, the Lyons homeschool group used their photographs and radio data to map a portion of the universe. The students posted their work on the walls of the Town of Lyons Library.

The placards included a description and location around the world of the telescopes that were used. The photos included nebulae from within the Milky Way galaxy and images of other galaxies. These images were mapped according their positions relative to the Earth.